Hypocrisy of cleaning homes

One of the most remarkable feature of cleaning in India remains the hypocrisy of middle class Indians regarding cleanliness. Most indians like to keep their home extremely clean, yet they have no qualms dumping all the dirt of their home on the open roads, streets and public places. The worst offenders are people who use water to clean their home, they flood their home with water so that all the dirty water will flood the common streets and roads.
If they use this method to clean their home once a year, no one would object, however some people are using frothy detergent to clean their homes almost daily, and then the dirty water will flood the common streets and lanes.
Some of the dirty water will fall on the heads of pedestrians, while others may slip and fall in the dirty water meeting with an accident and hurting themselves.
It is time that people in posh houses are more considerate and have a better civic sense.