Young man with bike spitting on the road

In an indication of the lack of civic sense of young people in goa, a young man in a blue shirt was spitting repeatedly on the road when walking on the road at around 5.15 pm on 28 November 2015 in panaji, goa . Though another pedestrian was also coming on the road in front of him, he did not stop spitting, showing the complete lack of manners and unhygienic habits. The young man then drove away with a bike with number plate Y5150.
The government has launched the swachh bharat campaign with great fanfare, charging an additional 0.5% as service tax, yet no measures are taken to educate people, especially young people not to spit in public on the road or pavement where other people will also be walking.
In some countries like singapore, people are fined for littering public places.
It appears that the organized stalking incident was well planned, yet the officials did not want the license plate to be published online, so they launched a directed energy weapons attack causing a severe headache, memory loss.

Goan obc sex bribe giver sunaina again stalks obc paypal account holder

The lazy greedy goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver slim bsc sunaina who has allegedly got a lucrative job in R&AW for offering SEX bribes to fraud top tata, google, cbi, ntro, R&AW and other officials, again abused her powers to stalk the obc engineer whose resume the pampered lazy greedy goan sex bribe giver bsc sunaina claims to have. These shameless fraud cbi officials in goa sleeping with the goan slut sunaina, falsely claim the bsc goan slut sunaina is a domain investor, Paypal account holder and has a Btech 1993 EE degree to justify the great powers the goan sex bribe giver has got.
In reality the shameless fraud goan cbi officials can be exposed as the goan slut sunaina does not own a single domain name as she is too lazy to do any work and she used to offering sex bribes to powerful fraud tata, cbi,ntro officials who make completely fake claims promoting the sex bribe giver sunaina dh

On 25 November , at around 5.08 pm the pampered goan obc sex bribe giver sunaina again resorted to her favored stalking technique of letting the water pump of her house overflow, in an indication of how shameless fraud tata, google, cbi, ntro, R&AW have managed to dupe the whole world that the lazy greedy goan obc SEX Bribe giver sunaina is the domain and mutual fund investor to make the goan SEX bribe giver bsc sunaina very rich

when will the powerful shameless fraud tata, google, cbi, ntro, R&AW officials in goa, especially J srinivasan, pritesh be honest to admit the inexperienced lazy greedy goan obc bhandari SEX BRIBE giver bsc sunaina has no work experience, engineering degree, money to invest in domain names, mutual funds and does not have a Paypal account and stop exploiting the real obc domain investor and engineer.

These powerful shameless fraud officials will also falsely claim that the goan sex bribe giver sunaina owns the website where the news of her stalking will be published

Children with no civic sense dirty others houses

Though powerful indian intelligence agency officials from CBi, R&AW and NTRo will falsely claim that mediocre housewives like naina are domain investors, Paypal account holders only because they keep their house immaculately clean, the children of these mediocre housewives completely lack civic sense and dirty the neighbourhood.
After eating chocolate eclairs or dairy milk chocolate bars these children who are more than 14 years old do not bother to put the wrappers in the dustbin in their house.
Instead they will regularly throw the wrappers of sweets and othe food after eating into their neighbours compound almost daily dirtying the house of the neighbour,
When the neighbour will complain , the mother of these children will defend the littering and poor manner of her children .Why are mediocre housewives like naina with no civic sense role models for powerful shameless dishonest cbi, r&AW, ntro officials, especially in Goa, that they falsely claim that these housewives are domain investors, paypal account holders to give them great powers, when these mediocre semi literate housewives do not know the abc of the internet?

Why do shameless cbi, R&AW, ntro officials worship and promote semi literate mediocre housewives like naina, riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, sex bribe givers like obc slim bsc sunaina, siddhi mandrekar in Goa and falsely claim that these housewives own the domain names , Paypal account of a single woman obc engineer who these dishonest fraud officials are viciously defaming

Goan organized stalking gang drops silver gold sweet wrapping in compound of obc domain investor

As mentioned earlier , the shameless fraud intelligence and security agency officials in CBI, R&AW,NTRO goa never loose an opportunity to remind the obc domain investor, Paypal account holder and engineer, how they have ruthlessly exploited, cheated and defamed her. On 14 November 2015, the obc domain investor, Paypal account holder found that some person had intentionally dropped the silver and gold wrapping of a sweet (similar to a chocolate bar) at the gate of the house.
It was clearly apparent that the goan organized stalking gang had taken the effort to drop the silver/gold foil at the entrance to the house to remind the obc domain investor,paypal account holder how they had cheated, exploited her
In addition to requesting people not to litter public places, the well connected powerful stalkers in Goa should be asked not to litter the house of private citizens, especially domain investors and Paypal account holders who they are jealous of.

Intelligence agency officials in Goa littering the house of obc domain investor

The shameless fraud greedy fraud intelligence and security agency officials allegedly from CBI, R&AW, NTRO, Tata, Google never lose an opportunity to remind the obc domain investor, Paypal account holder and engineer how they have denied her the opportunities she deserved in Goa.
These shameless cunning fraud officials have falsely claimed that lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, gsb fraud housewife riddhi, obc sex bribe giver slim bsc sunaina, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, veena, asmita patel, blackmailer ruchika, naina and others own the domain names, Paypal account to give all these mediocre frauds great powers, lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, and deny the obc domain investor, paypal account holder a fair deal .

Their favorite way of reminding the obc domain investor of their great fraud on her is to litter the compound of her house with chocolate wrappers. These are intentionally dropped into the compound of the house of the obc domain investor to make the house look dirty. Cadbury and Five star wrappers are usually dropped into the compound

Clean houses, dirty public places

In India most people have spotlessly clean houses because it will usually reflect poorly on the person staying in the house, if the house is dirty or cluttered. However public places in India continue to be extremely dirty with people not bothering to dispose of their waste in dustbins or carrying it with them to dispose at home, in case there are no public dustbins.

If the public places are to be clean, there should be a major change in attitude of people towards cleanliness. Most of the people who have spotlessly clean homes, will have no qualms littering public places. For example, while travelling in a bus, train or car, the travellers are encouraged to dump their waste on the roadside or track side causing further problems and dirtying public places

Fake engineers cause unclean city

While intelligence agencies in goa believe that fake references of an engineering degree from powerful men, will make mediocre fraud inexperienced women , sex bribe givers, brahmin cheater housewives, experienced engineers overnight, at least in Panaji, it has caused a clutter.
Indian intelligence agencies lack common sense, fail to realize that fake references do not make a lazy greedy mediocre fraud an engineer overnight. The top colleges in India spend a lot of time training the students who have actually got admission and completed their degree. Similarly the experience working in the largest engineering companies cannot be acquired overnight.
Now in panaji, some frauds like gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar,sunaina faking a Btech 1993 EE degree are given great powers,because of fake references from fraud engineers infatuated with these cheaters.However these pampered frauds remain inexperienced lazy cheaters with zero engineering skills, whose greatest achievement in life will be offering sex bribes or seducing powerful men to give them fake references of a Btech 1993 EE degree. As a result the fraud engineers will not be able to contribute and the city will remain unclean