Young man with bike spitting on the road

In an indication of the lack of civic sense of young people in goa, a young man in a blue shirt was spitting repeatedly on the road when walking on the road at around 5.15 pm on 28 November 2015 in panaji, goa . Though another pedestrian was also coming on the road in front of him, he did not stop spitting, showing the complete lack of manners and unhygienic habits. The young man then drove away with a bike with number plate Y5150.
The government has launched the swachh bharat campaign with great fanfare, charging an additional 0.5% as service tax, yet no measures are taken to educate people, especially young people not to spit in public on the road or pavement where other people will also be walking.
In some countries like singapore, people are fined for littering public places.
It appears that the organized stalking incident was well planned, yet the officials did not want the license plate to be published online, so they launched a directed energy weapons attack causing a severe headache, memory loss.