More spitting on the road by young man

Though the government is spending a lot of money on the swachh bharat campaign, no effort is being made to change the habits of young people who lack civic sense and continue to spit in public places, right in front of other pedestrians.

On 7 December 2015, at 10.23 am in front of Fire Brigade, St Inez, Goa, a slim young man with a wheatish complexion was spotted spitting on the road. He was accompanied by another young man , with a round face, fair complexion and spectacle who thankfully had better manners and did not spit on the road.
Imposing taxes will not make India cleaner, a major change in attitudes will be needed to ensure that young people do not spit on the road or public places. Till people are more patriotic and stop treating public places like roads, footpaths as a big dustbin, India will continue to be the a dirty place for visitors.