Hema Upadhyay murder reflects poor waste disposal practices

The gruesome Hema Upadhyay murder again reflects the lack of civic sense and poor waste disposal practices in India. The trucker who dumped the bodies of Hema and her lawyer in the drain in Kandivali was told that they were some broken antique pieces in the box and he agreed to dump the boxes for a fee. It reflects the lack of civic sense in india even highly educated people who have extremely clean homes, treat public places like the drain as a dumping ground and have no qualms getting rid of their unwanted material in public, cluttering up the place, causing floods
Any unwanted waste can be given to the local raddhiwala who will pay money or put it in the dustbin. However dumping unwanted material in drains and waterway can be hazardous. Those involved in murder probably though that the boxes would be washed away to the sea and it would be another sheena bora case, where the death would not be detected for long.