Housemaids goa recruiting

Realizing that few people have the time, energy and inclination to keep their house clean, some innovative people have started housemaids goa and are advertising that they are hiring maids for between Rs 10000 to Rs 12000 a month. Finding reliable and professional household help remains a major problem, especially for people who are not well connected.
However most of the housemaids will not be reading the english newspaper so if any agency or person can coordinate or collect the resume of women interested in working as housemaids they can make a profit.

It would be interesting to know if the lazy greedy R&AW/CBI housewife employees nayanshree hathwar, veena, riddhi, naina are associated with the venture, because ntro officials are falsely claiming that these women own domain names, Paypal account linked to it, just because their homes are extremely well maintained and clean. These cbi//R&AW employees do not know anything about domain names, Paypal, yet get credit, when they actually experts in managing housemaids to keep the house clean