Spitting epidemic in panaji

The spitting epidemic in panaji, goa which has been documented earlier continues in goa in february 2016 . On 11 february 2016, at around 8.20 am nearly caculo mall, st inez, a short thin young man, wearing a red/white shirt, blue jeans and carrying a red plastic bag, with mahashakti written on it was spotted spitting on road/footpath. A little ahead, another young man, wearing a black tshirt and blue denim shorts cleaning a car was also seen spitting on the footpath.
These young men either have no civic sense, or are suffering from disease, like tb or worms. The media reported that the government had launched a deworming campaign for students, they should also offer the medicine to young men spotted spitting in public.

Alternately the deeply in debt goan government should consider imposing fines on people who are caught spitting in public places to make some money.