Fish, fruits and health

The health and skin of a person depends to a large extent on his or her diet. Hence it is recommended that every individual includes some fruits in their diet. In coastal areas or close to the river most people include seafood in their daily meals though during the monsoon, they may have to hunt fish as some types of fishing are banned.

Home cleaning charges vary

In some countries like India, many homes have multiple servants for cleaning the home, and the salary being paid to them will vary to a large extent depending on a number of factors. For example if a maidservant has been working with the family for a long period of time, she may charge as little as Rs 500 a month. These older maidservants are working in 10-15 houses daily and do not have time for any other work at all.
However for people who have shifted into the area recently the rates which are paid to maidservants are usually higher, with one Muslim maidservant claiming that she is being paid Rs 1800 a month for working for 1.5 hours daily .
The rates for these maidservants are higher because they living in their own homes and have to travel to work daily.

On the other hand, there are many women from other states like Odissa who are living in the homes of their employer in Goa and do all the work in the house including helping with cooking and cleaning. They are provided food, accomodation, and the salary they are being paid is relatively less, at around Rs 4000 a month.

Review of homes, residential properties

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Dropshipping, sourcing websites

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