Lazy greedy domain fraudster government employees do no work online

In an indication of how indian corporates allegedly google, tata are worse than nigerian fraudsters in their impersonation frauds, shameless fraud ntro officials are bribed to falsely claim that housewives, sex bribe givers and cheaters are doing work online to waste indian tax payer money paying them a salary. These fraud government employees mostly do not have a computer or internet connection, yet indian intelligence and security agencies, especially in goa, are the greatest shameless section 420 frauds in the world, when they falsely claim that doing housework, housekeeping, automatically will make a lazy fraud woman, a paypal acccount holder for indian governmedt, to give a lifetime salary for keeping her house clean
if these lazy greedy section 420 google,tata sponsored government employeees were actually doing work online and making any money, they would not have time to keep their house spotlessly clean. now these housewives, cheaters rely on shameless dishonest section 420 cheater tata, google officials to bribe government officials to falsely claim that they own domain names, including this one.

when will the shameless cunning fraud tata, google, officials stop behaving worse than the nigerian fraudsters ruining the reputation of india, with their SEX, CHEATING , IMPERSONATION FOR GOVERNMENT JOB FRAUD , falsely claiming that frauds make money online