Great pain makes it difficult to maintain house

Cruel pathological liar animal like google, tata, ntro, cbi officials are quick to justify the defamation, cheatingm exploitation of a harmless obc single woman engineer and domain investor, saying that the house is not clean, forgetting that for the last 6 years the cruel animal like ntro, security agency officials have ruthlessly tortured the engineer with microwave weapons causing very great pain, making it extremely difficult to lead a normal life.
When the main aim of the torture victim is to evade the criminal officials stalking and torturing her, how can the person focus on other activities like keeping the house clean. Typically the engineer is attacked 30-40 times a day in panaji, goa with microwave weapons by the cruel animal like criminal ntro officials allegedly bribed by google, tata and other officials causing unbearable pain, memory loss

Allegedly mahesh, husband of tata sponsored frauds has paid the local security and intelligence officials to stalk and torture the domain investor with microwave weapons to cover up the impersonation fraud and murder the engineer slowly with radiation weapons