Panaji spitting, littering report 17 september 2016

Though the indian government has launched the swachh bharat abhiyan with great fanfare it has not been able to change the mindset of the citizens, especially the young men of panaji, who treat city as one big dustbin . Most of the chronic spitters of panaji, appear to be operating in st inez, specifically close to the pwd water supply department office
One spitting incident was noted at 16.17 hours Indian standard time, on footpath opposite the PWD office, st inez, panaji A tall thin young man leaning on a motorcyle was talking to three other young men and he spit on the pavement.
The second incident took place at 18.32 hours indian standard time, about 10 meters away from the PWD office. A young man wearing a red tshirt, carrying a one liter mineral water bottle taken from the refrigerator, first littered the pavement with a plastic packaging. He then spat on the pavement before walking away in the direction of the pwd office

Government officials like to talk about young people, give them more opportunities, they should also teach these young people some civic sense, imposing service tax for swachh bharat abhiyan will not help much, only changing the attitude of the young towards littering and spitting will ensure that india remains clean.

Panaji public spitting report, mid september

Panaji is one of the cities considered for the smart city project yet unless the attitude of people changes it will be a dirty smart city
It is interesting to document the spitting noticed in the city .
From 3 pm to 3.18 pm on 15 September 2016 people were observed spitting in public places at the following places in Panaji
– a person working at a shop on Caetano de Albuquerque road
– a person working at a discount garment shop near hotel fidalgo
– a person working at a pest control company near icici bank, panaji, goa
In most of these cases, the person rushed out of his shop and spat on the road, footpath or drains . It clearly indicates that many people have a severe health problem, most probably worms . their employers should keep a spittoon in their shop, instead of dirtying public places

Civic workers with no civic sense in panaji

While it is quite common to find people littering and spitting on the roads and footpaths in panaji, goa , it would be expected that at least the muncipal workers in the city would have some civic sense. However these civic workers, do not have any civic sense, though they are deployed almost exclusively for cleaning up.
This fact was highlighted again on 14 september 2016, at around 7.08 am in St Inez, Panaji, Goa opposite the PWD office , a civic worker wearing shorts, moving with a large green dustbin for collecting residues, was spotted spitting on the pavement
It was raining heavily and the spit could easily trasmit some disease to those who are wading in water.
It clearly indicates that the civic workers are only told to collect the litter, they are not trained in basic hygiene

Goa’s spit covered roads and footpaths

Though the swachh bharat abhiyan and smart city have been launched in Panaji Goa with great fanfare, panaji appears to be set to become the spitting capital of india
It appears that a large section of the population in goa, specifically panaji has worms or similar ailment due to which they cannot control the spit in their mouth and repeatedly spit on the roads, streets and footpaths of the city
The city of panaji has become a giant washbasin/ bathroom for these people. Walking in the city for ten to fifteen minutes at least 5 people will be spotted spitting on the road or footpath, it has become a habit. At the entrance of a building complex the first thing to be noticed is the blob of spit which some person has deposited there, which spoils the impression of the city to tourists and other visitors.
People keep their homes spotlessly clean, yet have no qualms dirtying public places at the first opportunity, spitting in public