Goa’s spit covered roads and footpaths

Though the swachh bharat abhiyan and smart city have been launched in Panaji Goa with great fanfare, panaji appears to be set to become the spitting capital of india
It appears that a large section of the population in goa, specifically panaji has worms or similar ailment due to which they cannot control the spit in their mouth and repeatedly spit on the roads, streets and footpaths of the city
The city of panaji has become a giant washbasin/ bathroom for these people. Walking in the city for ten to fifteen minutes at least 5 people will be spotted spitting on the road or footpath, it has become a habit. At the entrance of a building complex the first thing to be noticed is the blob of spit which some person has deposited there, which spoils the impression of the city to tourists and other visitors.
People keep their homes spotlessly clean, yet have no qualms dirtying public places at the first opportunity, spitting in public