Panaji public spitting report, mid september

Panaji is one of the cities considered for the smart city project yet unless the attitude of people changes it will be a dirty smart city
It is interesting to document the spitting noticed in the city .
From 3 pm to 3.18 pm on 15 September 2016 people were observed spitting in public places at the following places in Panaji
– a person working at a shop on Caetano de Albuquerque road
– a person working at a discount garment shop near hotel fidalgo
– a person working at a pest control company near icici bank, panaji, goa
In most of these cases, the person rushed out of his shop and spat on the road, footpath or drains . It clearly indicates that many people have a severe health problem, most probably worms . their employers should keep a spittoon in their shop, instead of dirtying public places