Pampering young people affecting cleanliness

A leading goan newspaper carried the news of how panaji continued to be cluttered and dirty despite the best efforts of the government and local municipalities. In particular the CCP mayor was quoted as saying that young people , who are pampered in panaji, are cluttering and dirtying the lake, instead of putting the beer bottles in a box or other container, which can be easily removed, they are throwing the bottles and other junk in the lake, dirtying the lake
So the CCP had to hire a person , a fisherman to clean the lake periodically removing the junk in the lake, thrown by the young people who gather at the lakeside to drink , eat and meet their friends.

In 2017, the local intelligence and security agencies have created in panaji, goa, pampering young people like goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc just because of their age, giving them access to easy money without much effort or time, giving them credit, a monthly indian government, for work they do not do, risks which they do not take.
This pampering of powerful officials has made the young people extremely arrogant, and they lack civic sense, littering public areas, especially when drinking