More spitting on roads in Goa

In goa a large number of people are spitting on roads and in public places, they appear to be having worms. On 20 August 2016, at around 4.40 pm at the entrance of lake View colony, near Jahnavi building, in panaji, goa a short thin man with a blue scooter with license plate G J 0883 spit on the road before driving off. It clearly indicates that a large number of people residing in goa have worms, causing the accumulation of saliva in the mouth, forcing them to spit on the road and public places, spreading the disease.
The goa health department should look into the matter urgently to end the spitting on roads, public places in goa as part of the swach bharat abhiyan.

Cbi role model eight standard pass fraud housewife naina wasting water

Though the indian government has launched a beti padao, beti bachao campaign, in reality indian intelligence and security agencies waste a lot of tax payer money to defame, stalk, sexually harass, cheat and exploit educated single women, while considering mediocre semiliterate housewives like the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, to be a role model, giving her a cbi job with fake resume, fake investment.
The cbi role model naina, in addition to being mediocre also lacks civic senses, keeping the water pump on long after the overhead tank has started overflowing, and the water is flooding the streets and neighbours house. On 11 August 2016, at around 18.20 hours, the overhead water tank was again overflowing as she and her sons did not bother to switch off the water pump, causing inconvenience and dirtying the neighbourhood . naina and her family may have plenty of black money to waste water and pay the water bill, however it is a problem for those living in the area.,

With cbi considering such mediocre and careless housewives a role model and paying them a monthly salary, no wonder India is facing so many problems

Lazy greedy domain fraudster government employees do no work online

In an indication of how indian corporates allegedly google, tata are worse than nigerian fraudsters in their impersonation frauds, shameless fraud ntro officials are bribed to falsely claim that housewives, sex bribe givers and cheaters are doing work online to waste indian tax payer money paying them a salary. These fraud government employees mostly do not have a computer or internet connection, yet indian intelligence and security agencies, especially in goa, are the greatest shameless section 420 frauds in the world, when they falsely claim that doing housework, housekeeping, automatically will make a lazy fraud woman, a paypal acccount holder for indian governmedt, to give a lifetime salary for keeping her house clean
if these lazy greedy section 420 google,tata sponsored government employeees were actually doing work online and making any money, they would not have time to keep their house spotlessly clean. now these housewives, cheaters rely on shameless dishonest section 420 cheater tata, google officials to bribe government officials to falsely claim that they own domain names, including this one.

when will the shameless cunning fraud tata, google, officials stop behaving worse than the nigerian fraudsters ruining the reputation of india, with their SEX, CHEATING , IMPERSONATION FOR GOVERNMENT JOB FRAUD , falsely claiming that frauds make money online

Fish, fruits and health

The health and skin of a person depends to a large extent on his or her diet. Hence it is recommended that every individual includes some fruits in their diet. In coastal areas or close to the river most people include seafood in their daily meals though during the monsoon, they may have to hunt fish as some types of fishing are banned.

Home cleaning charges vary

In some countries like India, many homes have multiple servants for cleaning the home, and the salary being paid to them will vary to a large extent depending on a number of factors. For example if a maidservant has been working with the family for a long period of time, she may charge as little as Rs 500 a month. These older maidservants are working in 10-15 houses daily and do not have time for any other work at all.
However for people who have shifted into the area recently the rates which are paid to maidservants are usually higher, with one Muslim maidservant claiming that she is being paid Rs 1800 a month for working for 1.5 hours daily .
The rates for these maidservants are higher because they living in their own homes and have to travel to work daily.

On the other hand, there are many women from other states like Odissa who are living in the homes of their employer in Goa and do all the work in the house including helping with cooking and cleaning. They are provided food, accomodation, and the salary they are being paid is relatively less, at around Rs 4000 a month.

Review of homes, residential properties

Builders, property developers, real estate agents and brokers interested in low cost advertising for their residential properties, homes at Home Evaluation Services can send the details of their property, homes, finance, home loan options, to or
For a one time fee of $3 or Rs 199 , a 500 word review will be provided on the website with a link to the property or related website. Payment details provided on request.

Dropshipping, sourcing websites

In the United states, there are a large number of dropshipping websites, however in other countries there are relatively few, and they charge more money. It is also difficult to find suppliers of products from India. For information of dropshipping websites and sourcing agencies, check Goods Zone . Wholesalers, distributors and others interested in getting rid of their stocklot, closeouts, export surplus can send their offers to

How to treat acne

Increasingly flawless skin is considered to be a major factor in determining the beauty of a woman and acne can adversely affect the skin. Many teenagers and others are interested in knowing how to treat acne in a economical way. Though hereditary factors determine the acne a teenager will have to a great extent, with advances in technology there are many cost effective products available to treat acne.
These acne treatment products combined with some lifestyle changes to reduce the oily and acne causing food in the diet, can reduce the acne and acne scars to a large extent. Service providers, Suppliers of products to treat acne and reduce acne scars can also contact for a review and promotion of their acne treatment product. Kindly note that the goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar who has acne, is not associated with the website as she does not want to do any work or spend any money online. A whois check will confirm the lies of government employees.
No other indian government employee like google, tata sponsored shivalli brahmin cheater housewife R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar is also interested in investing their money online and they are not associated with the website in any way at all, yet are falsely claiming to own the website to justify the monthly salary they are getting for cheating, lies .

Invisible microwave weapons cause headache, memory loss, body ache

Few indian citizens are aware of the fact that certain government agencies like NTRO, security agencies are using invisible microwave weapons to cause great pain, headache, memory loss, body ache on them, often for personal hatred or greed. In USA, similar weapons like the Raytheon pain gun have been described in great detail in the media, however in India, the government refuses to acknowledge the fact that these weapons are available, allowing employees to misuse them.
To get the latest information on the technology and different types of electronic torture weapons being used in India, check the electronic torture website, send an email to if you have any queries